Optimize Your Product with 3D Design Software Creo Parametric

3D product design is the creation of a product in a virtual environment such the product has three dimensions (height, width, depth).  The result is a digital prototype of your product, one you can explore in detail.   Without digital prototyping, you’d need to use more budget-vaporizing physical prototypes, watch time slip away, and get to market later with a product that might not be optimized.  3D design makes your life as a product designer easier and faster, giving you more time and energy to devote to optimizing your product.

Designers usually take one of two approaches to 3D design and solid modeling: direct or parametric modeling.  Direct modeling means you can push and pull directly on geometry.  Use it for speed and quick changes.  Parametric modeling means that the software maintains consistent relationships between components, so a change to one component is a change to all.

Creo Parametric is the industry’s leading CAD application for 3D product design. And with augmented reality in each seat of Creo, everyone can easily visualize your designs. We know as well as you do that that no 3D design software can make you innovative, but we think you’ll agree that using the right tool for the job can be enormously powerful.

Explore Creo Parametric’s 3D Design Capabilities

Parts and Assembly Modeling
Create precise geometry regardless of a model’s complexity

Augmented Reality (AR)
Allow every stakeholder to see your CAD model at scale superimposed on the physical world

Automatic 2D Drawing Creation and Update
A few clicks at any time and your documentation is done

Assembly Management & Performance Tools 
Load your assemblies quickly and start work

Creo Direct Modeling 
Use this flexible, lightweight design strategy when you need speed

Sheetmetal Design
Comprehensive environment for working with sheetmetal

Mechanism Design
Investigate a model’s kinematic behavior, check for interference or range of other motion issues

Plastic Part Design
Capabilities specifically for design with plastic

Design Reuse and Automation
Family tables

Structural Framework and Weld Design
Framework design is now easier, faster, and cheaper

Rendering and Animation 
Easily generate realistic images

Parametric & Freestyle Surfacing 
Intuitive tools to create the surface quality you need

Ergonomics/Human Factors
Test your product’s comfort levels

Hardware Libraries
Standardize fasteners and let the software assemble them for you

Design Optimization
Simulate,test and explore alternatives to optimize your design

3D Printing
Go from concept to printer in one software environment