MIP develops customer specific software solutions, when standard software cannot handle the needed requirements anymore.

“Implementing a solution” means for us that we guide from the first contact, over the first idea until the product is finished.

At the core of MIP is a highly qualified software development team, dedicated to and passionate about the development of advanced “Engineering Design and Manufacturing” solutions. The majority of the Company’s employees hold degree or PhD level qualifications.

We also offer our expertise and services for the development and programming of customer specific softwares just as ready-to-use software solutions. The developments for the following products are often realised at our Programming Centers:

Creo Elements/Direct Drafting (ME10)

Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager


Development of special solutions and AIP’s

Programming with Application Interface

Programming with Software Toolkit

Development of text fonts ad symbol libraries


Creo Elements/Direct Modeling (CoCreate)

Creo Elements/Direct Cabling

Programming with LISP

Development of Electrical component libraries

Programming with Integration Toolkit


Next to the special solutions listed above, we are the developers of the following CAD/CAM Software Solutions

ExtrusionPower, for the design of Aluminium Extrusion Dies

SpaceCable for the Cabling Harness Design

SolidGenius for 3D Standard Parts Library and Productivity Tools

FramesLink for the design of Frame type Structures

SpacePipe for Piping and Plant Design

ProgressivePower for the design of Progressive Dies

ME-Genius for 2D Standard Parts Library and Productivity Tools

ShoeCenter Design and Manufacturing Solutions for the Footwear industry